The Things that Constitute the Front Matter of a Book

Almost all of us have read at least one book. There is something that you must have noticed. There is a format that is often used by authors when writing a book. This format applies to all books either academic or fictional books. However, most people do not even bother about the other parts of the book. To learn more about  front matter,  at this website.What they are most interested in, is the body of the book. This is why most people are not aware of the various sections of books.

One of them is the front matter. The front matter of a book is often the shortest section of a book. It can just be a page or can even constitute multiple pages. Another thing about this section is that it is the first section of a book. The other name of front matter is a preliminary matter or simply prelims. The front matter contains a lot of information. The information contained in this section is often categorized into various components. Below is a list of how the preliminary front in a book is often formatted.

First and foremost, we have the half and full title page. The half title page comes first then followed by the full title page. It is often the very first page of a book. The next page that usually follows the half and full title page is copyright page. This page contains a lot of information. The information included on this page include the name of the publisher, year of publishing, copyright information, and publisher location among others.  Click  website to get info about front matter.This is the page that you will also find the disclaimer.

After the copyright page, what usually follows is the dedication page. This page is found right before the story begins. It is where the offer dedicates the book to someone. Most authors at some point in their careers have dedicated their work to friends and family. The other element of a front matter is the epigraph. The epigraph is the short quote that you normally find before the beginning of the story. In some cases, the writer has quotes before the start of every section or chapter.

The other thing that you find in the front matter is the table of content. This is a list of what the book entails and their pages. This is a very common one that most of us are familiar with. The other ones include acknowledgment, foreword, preface, introduction, and prologue. Learn more from